Texas Choral Directors Association

Texas Choral Directors Association

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The Texas Choral Directors Association (TCDA) is a state-wide association of choral musicians who serve schools, universities/colleges, faith institutions, community groups and other nonprofits. The organization boasts a 67-year history of educating members and aspiring choralists through workshops, performances and mentoring. However, the organization’s legacy is also its greatest challenge. Member demographics are changing — fewer educators are staying in the profession full career — at the same time demographics across the state are rapidly changing.  TCDA is looking for opportunities to innovate its membership, music, events and outreach.


Over a period of eight months, Casey Communication gathered staff, board and the ad hoc strategic planning committee in a series of planning meetings, idea workshops, small work exercises, and editing sessions to craft their strategic plan. We choreographed a DEIB leadership workshop to ensure leadership spoke the same language and was committed to new growth. We also sought constructive input from membership through surveys. The qualitative and quantitative approach to composing the plan beautifully mirrors the fusion of art and science in music.



TCDA created a comprehensive strategic plan that continues the association’s valuable contributions to the greater choral community, while also addressing the need to re-engineer many of their processes and programs for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Cross-pollinating pillars — membership, financial management, leadership, communications and technology and summer convention — creates a symbiotic approach to growth and ensures vibrancy of thought and practice.


We engaged Casey Communication to assist our nonprofit in developing a strategic plan, a project we had not done before.  They were very helpful in guiding us through this process, keeping us on a schedule and focused on our stated objectives.  They also challenged all involved in broadening our perspectives and challenging our organization to dream big.

Sharon Lott

Executive Director, TCDA