SPEER – South-Central Partnership for Energy Efficiency 


Strategic Planning


SPEER promotes the use of energy-efficient products and services by building public-private partnerships, providing science-based education to its members, and promoting innovation and research across Texas and Oklahoma. New leadership requested facilitation and administration of a strategic plan that would establish organizational priorities and strengthen the relationship between staff and board.  


Bergan and her colleagues at Seeds for Change Consulting, LLC managed SPEER’s three-year strategic planning effort which launched just as the world went into quarantine, and pivoted our model quickly to adopt virtual technology. Our work consisted of a short organizational assessment followed by a series of meetings with board and staff to understand the drastic changes to their industry and determine how SPEER would remain relevant.


The resulting three-year strategic plan was adopted by the staff, board and membership of SPEER. Priority areas and supporting goals and strategies will lead the organization into relationships with new energy industries, encourage publication of original content, and create more online events and trainings to brand the organization and demonstrate value to their membership.

Bergan Casey was a great choice. She worked closely with our staff, board members and members to create an excellent strategic planning process, and later the strategic plan and facilitated in the rewrite of our mission and vision to ensure we captured where the organization is today and where we are going in the future.

Kelly Herbert

Acting Executive Director, SPEER