Build Your Brand

Jan 17, 2021 | Branding, Feature

Your brand is everything. It’s your logo, website, messaging . . . even your reputation. A few simple rules apply:

  1. Language should be clear, concise and accurate
  2. Colors and fonts should be clean and compatible
  3. Product or service must demonstrate value

I’m fond of saying less is more. While that may not be the case with chocolate or cheese, modesty applies to your organization’s style. Too many words, too much visual stimuli, or too many steps tax the brain. At this point, the user is no longer absorbing the value of what you’re communicating.

Building your brand is not instant. It requires repetition. The more people see your logo or signage, surf your website, or hear your name, the more they know it. If you consistently provide honest work at a fair price, your brand will build trust.

This doesn’t mean you will necessarily get it right the first time. I’ve written plenty of copy, including this website, that required multiple edits, sometimes scrapping entire sections and starting over. When it comes to design, creating a look and feel that reflects your organization’s culture and mission requires a willingness to embrace artistic expression that may differ from your personal taste. This often means experimenting before you say yes. Building consistent processes and quality control into your work demands that you make mistakes and then adapt. Sometimes a client work session looses steam halfway through and the agenda must pivot quickly to get results—this is especially true when transitioning from in-person to virtual events.

But trust me, I know from experience that if you step back, evaluate the situation, solicit input, and make changes, you’ll achieve a quality product with lasting results.